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You can direct any/all questions to your UCWDC ™ Regional Representative or UCWDC ™ Officer.

UCWDC ™ Officers:
President: Keith Armbruster
VP of Judge Certification: Dave Getty
VP of Rules: Beth Emerson
Treasurer: Tracy Butler
Secretary: Mona Brandt

UCWDC ™ Regional Representatives:
USA Northeast: Sam Arvidson
USA South Central: Ben DePuew
USA North Central : Randy Jeffries
USA Pacific: John Daughtery
USA Southeast: Bill Robinson
Canada: Keith Armbruster
UK and Ireland : Damian Brady
Northern Europe: Kathrine Strand-Hammond
Central Europe: Brigitte Zerah
Asia: Hiromi Smith

For all other General or UCWDC ™ Membership Inquiries, please contact:
Office Manager: Jeff Bartholomew
Phone: 717-763-4416
Fax: 717-731-6060

or mail information to:
UCWDC ™Office
159 N. 25th Street
Camp Hill, PA, USA

For all Website Inquiries, please contact:
Webmaster: Michel Platje