In November 1989, 21 independant event directors met in Grantville, Pennsylvania to form the United Country Western Dance Council® (UCWDC ™). These directors shared the desire to unite the country under one set of competition rules and establish national standards for country dance events to ensure quality for their attendees. At the meeting in Grantville the Directors took the North American Rules, developed by many of the same people in a meeting in Las Vegas in 1988, and granted full sanctioning to the 23 events that used these rules in their entirety in 1989. That historical one-day meeting ran for almost 24 hours because no one wanted to leave until the job was done.

The history of the UCWDC ™ is portrayed through the biographies of these founding and pioneer members, both before the incorporation of the UCWDC ™, and today, many years later.

Thank you to the Founding Members and other Pioneer Directors who had a vision, and led the way down a road that has turned out to be an incredible journey, and enthusiastically nurtured a diverse and exciting dance sport!

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