Founding events and directors are those who produced events prior to the formal organization of the United Country Western Dance Council® in 1989. These events served as role models for the many who would apply in the years that followed.

Founding Members Who Are Still Active Council Members
Jeff Bartholomew – Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
Sue Boyd – Tallahassee, Florida
Dave Getty – Ft. Worth, Texas
Steve Zener – Fresno, California

Founding Members Who Are Now Director Emeritus
Linda DeFord – Tavers, Florida (held first eastern event in Knoxville, TN in 1984)
Russ Drollinger – Kentucky
Moe Padden – Sebastopol, California
Jack & Sue Wagner – Portland, Oregon
Mike Haley – Albuquerque, New Mexico
Barry Durand – Gaithersburg, Maryland
Dennis & Carol Waite – Berrien Springs, Michigan

Founding Members Who Have Left The Council
Glen Cymbaluk – Canada
Steve Freeman – Nevada (held first western event in Reno, Nevada in 1984)
Margaret Garner – Alabama
Dick & Sharon Johnson – Illinois
Mike Madden – Illinois
Tom Mattox, (deceased) – California
Lou & Lura Posada – California
Leona Shutte (deceased) – California
Bill (deceased) & Linda Siebe – Massachusetts
Lynn Hinkley Martinez – Las Vegas, Nevada
Dorsey Napier & Carol Fleming – Ohio