Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is the most prestigious award presented by the Council of the UCWDC ™. Each year, council members are asked to nominate an individual, couple, group or team who exemplifies a truly dynamic spirit, a person of admiration and one who is worthy of this exemplary honor.

This award is bestowed upon someone who has contributed in ways that have changed or advanced the path of country dance, as we know it today. Someone who has achieved success yet is willing to share their gift of knowledge and talent with others. The Hall of Fame recipient is carefully selected from a field of rare visionaries who have impacted the world of country dance by broadening horizons and breaking new ground.

The first Hall of Fame award was presented in 1995 at the World Championships of Country Dance©, and so began an annual tradition.

The following people have been inducted into the UCWDC ™ Hall of Fame:

DAVID GETTY – 1995 Inductee
MIKE HALEY – 1996 Inductee
BARRY DURAND – 1997 Inductee
JEFF BARTHOLOMEW – 1998 Inductee
BILL ROBINSON – 1999 Inductee
LINDA DeFORD – 2000 Inductee
STEVE ZENER – 2001 Inductee
KELLY GELLETTE – 2002 Inductee
SUE BOYD – 2003 Inductee
DORSEY NAPIER – 2004 Inductee
DENNIS and CAROL WAITE – 2005 Inductee
SHERRY TOVELL – 2006 Inductee
ROBERT ROYSTON – 2007 Inductee
ANTHONY LEE – 2008 Inductee
SCOTT and CHERYL LINDBERG – 2009 Inductee
JACK and DEBRA PAULHUS – 2010 Inductee
LARRY and LAURIE SEPULVADO – 2011 Inductee
BRIGITTE ZERAH – 2013 Inductee
BOB BAHRS – 2014 Inductee
JACK and SUE WAGNER – 2015 Inductee
TOM MATTOX Jr – 2015 Inductee
SARAH BAHRS – 2016 Inductee
DAWN GARRISH – 2016 Inductee
LINDA HEMBREE – 2016 Inductee
PATTI MILLER – 2016 Inductee