Line Dance is one step closer to becoming an Olympic Sport!

Posted by NewsPoster on April 1, 2013

p>This September 2013, 24 Line Dancers, from 8 countries will attend the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) World DanceSport Games in Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei. This inaugural event will feature 10 DanceSport disciplines with 700 athletes from around the World, and is result of the WDSF vision to unite the different forms and styles of dance in a multi-disciplinary event that features top-level competition, showcasing
the full breadth of DanceSport at the highest international level. This event will bring us one step closer to reaching the goal of an Olympic level competition, which will include the many casino online forms of DanceSport recognized by the WDSF and International Olympic Committee.

The Line Dance athletes going to Taipei qualified by competing at the World Country & Line DanceSport Federation (WCLDSF) Games at the UCWDC Worlds in Nashville in January 2013. The WCLDSF is a UCWDC sister organization formed by the UCWDC to be the world governing body of the sports of Line Dance and Country Dance. The third annual WCLDSF Games will be held online casino at the 2014 UCWDC World Championships in Nashville, Tennessee. This will casino online be a qualifying
event for any upcoming WDSF or Olympic International events. Currently, Line Dance is included in the WDSF events, and Line Dance athletes will compete using the UCWDC advanced dances in a flight format similar to the Couples Classic Masters format. We are looking toward the future where Country Couples Dance will be included as well, using our 8 UCWDC Worlds
dances and the Classic Masters format.

We are all very excited as we look toward the future where Country Couples and Line Dance will be showcased around the World as true Olympic sports.