How To Practice All By Yourself!


When you learn to practice without your instructor you will get results.  Your instructor can only do so much.  Take the techniques or drills from your lesson and work them it between.   Be a teacher’s pet ask you teacher for homework.  They will help you prioritize what to practice.     Make sure you understand it and practice until you can’t get it wrong.  “But what if I practice it wrong?”  I hear this all of the time.  My response is always the same.  “Don’t worry, even if you get it wrong you are still gaining body awareness and learning.  I can help you understand and correct where you went wrong, but you might get it right.”  Most importantly you will have questions at your next lesson and it will energize your instructor because you are thinking and connecting the dots.  No one likes to spoon-feed information to another intelligent human.

Here is an example of a practice regime:

  1. Walking – Am I aligned over a foot? Is my posture correct? Am I transferring weight properly? If yes go to #2 if no you know where to start.
  2. Hip Action – There are many drills to make it feel second nature. I am sure your instructor has given you several.  Now can I walk and show hip action in between the steps? If not get to work!
  3. Basic Patterns – Great I am aligned, my weight transfer is good, my hips are moving…Can I do this in my basic figures? If not work at it, have your teacher take a look or video yourself and see if you can identify what is wrong. 
  4. Try small segments of your routine -Oh yeah, wait it feels forced and I can’t do it at speed. Well here is where you spend the majority of your practice.

You may get stuck on step 1 for a while.  That’s okay!  It takes time to build coordination.  Don’t worry if your friends are getting it faster or better than you.  The rate at which you learn is dependent on you past.  If you were a gymnast as a child you may have quick feet, but struggle with slow torso movements and posture.  Maybe you’ve never participated in an athletic activity, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn.  It may just take time.  Stay focused on your journey and you will have more success.  Now go practice!