My Favorite Beauty Products for Competition!


Everybody has their favorite beauty tools and products, but I am often asked what I use for this and that.  I have selected my favorite products.  From left to right:

Boars Bristle Brush to smooth fly always and bumps when I wear my hair up

Hairnet, you can throw you hair in a ponytail and use the hairnet to sculpt a fabulous up do, secure it with some hairspray and bobby pins and you are competition ready.

2 Types of Hair Spray: Why a lighter spray, use it while working to get your hair up.  Then a freeze hold hairspray to hold you hair for days.  I have slept in my comp hair and wore it the next day.  Got 2b glued is my favorite because it washes out easily.

Moisturizer:  Wearing heavy make-up can dry you skin so make sure you are moisturized.

Eyelash Glue:  Kiss Eyelash glue is latex free.  I have also used Duo and it is equally as good.

NYX Dewy Finishing Spray:  Don’t look dry and tired!  This spray keeps my make-up fresh all day long. 

Kabuki Brush: The best brush I have ever owned.  This one is by Urban Decay and it blends everything in. It also makes powder goes on smoothly.

Eye Make-up Remover: No matter how careful I am taking off my eye make-up, I either scrub too hard and have swollen eyes or have black circles of leftover eyeliner.  This really makes it easy no scrubbing and you can use it to fix mistakes with eyeliner or mascara.

Face Scrubber and Exfoliator:  Make-up looks better when you have clean and exfoliated skin.  Clean pores are happy tight pores.

Lipstick:  I love matte lipstick it stays on longer!  I either use NYX or MAC always line your lips and color in with pencil then apply lipstick to avoid the liner only look half way through competition.

Scissors:  I use the to cut my eyelashes, trim my eyebrows and etc.

Foundation: I fell in love with Physician’s Formula Sports Foundation. It covers like a dream and stays on when you sweat.  It is my favorite beauty secret and it’s organic. 

Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs: I hate to spray tan so I took a chance and tried this product all over my body and I love it.  Your skin looks perfect because it covers all of you imperfections.  It is water resistance but washes off with soap and water.  Best of all it washes out of you costumes.

Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant:  Yes. We all know to wear deodorant, but I put it on my feet.  Why?  Because my feet sweat inside my boots and it causes blisters.  Who wants blisters or stinky boots?  Relax; I only do it for competition.

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